Rubber Clamps, Aluminum Clamps, Loop Clamps – Oh my!

When it comes to clamp varieties, The Clamp Co. selection can’t be beat!

If you’re in the market for clamps, we’ve got what you need! Whether you’re looking for industrial clamping solutions, light duty clamps, or clamps for hobbies, our catalog of clamps has something for every project! We even offer a great selection of Single Line Clamps, Duplex Clamps and Gang Clamps.


Quality AND Quantity!

At The Clamp Co., we’ve specially curated all clamps in our inventory catalogs to ensure our customers buy only the best products that get the job done right. We also diversify our clamp inventory to include various types of Light Series Clamps, Heavy Series Clamps and Twin Series Clamps.

Explore the quality and quantity of The Clamp Co. selection by browsing our full catalog of clamps.

FKB-RSB Full Clamp Catalog (PDF)

Trusted Name – And Products!

Under the operations of Alabama Industrial, The Clamp Co. has almost a decade of industry experience in providing excellent customer service and high-quality products for a wide range of customers.

Looking for Specific Clamps?

Leave the guesswork behind by speaking to one of our clamp specialists live over the phone. We’ll help you assess your clamp needs and select the parts you need to make any project a success. Give us a call anytime at (888) 979-0811 and we’ll happily answer your questions about clamps or clamp inventory inquiries.

FKB-RSB Full Clamp Catalog (PDF) 

FKB-RSB Light Series Clamp Catalog (PDF)

FKB-RSB Heavy Series Clamp Catalog (PDF)

FKB-RSB Twin Series Clamp Catalog (PDF)

FKB-RSB Clamps Technical Specifications (PDF)

FKB-RSB Clamp Dimensions and Weights (PDF)

FKB-RSB Clamp Order Codes (PDF)

AIP Singe Line, Duplex & Gang Clamp Catalog (PDF)