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Whether for home, hobby, or commercial use, The Clamp Co. makes it easy to fulfill your unique mounting and clamping needs.

Our high-quality selection of clamps makes perfect alignment and sturdy mounting practically effortless. We keep a fully stocked inventory of the best pipe clamps and best quality hose clamps.

When choosing to shop at The Clamp Co., you are opting for a stress-free experience in which you leave satisfied with clamping solutions to give your project a professional edge.

Our specially trained staff are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our products. With the help of an experienced clamp-specialist, you’ll be confident in choosing the best clamps for your projects.

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Clamp Types in Stock at The Clamp Co.

At The Clamp Co., we have a wide range of clamp types and cater specially to products relating to mounting solutions.

Clamp Materials Offered

We offer premium quality clamps in materials ranging from aluminum to steel and stainless steel to plastic. Ask our clamp-experts which material clamp is best suited for your task.

Variations of Clamps Offered

Our top-of-the-line clamps range from light duty to standard and heavy-duty variations. Our selection also has twin series clamps for dual-clamping solutions made simple.

Special Clamp Varieties

Our wide selection includes clamps with anti-corrosion coatings which eliminate the worries of rust penetration. This is an optional feature, but a very popular one. If you need clamps that provide gentle mounting, we have a solution for that as well! Try out our specialty clamp bodies made of a thermoplastic element for heat resistance.

Clamp Accessories

Along with all your clamping solutions, we offer a wide variety of clamp accessories to complement your unique approach to mounting. Grating clips, cushion clamps, gang clamps, duplex clamps, single line clamps, and loop clamps are a few of the items we carry in stock to support our customers’ needs.

DIN 3015 Clamps

At The Clamp Co., we like to think that industrial clamping solutions are our number one passion. That explains why we have a great sense of pride in the quality of our products. Our selection of clamping solutions is rooted in the sophistication and simplicity of DIN 3015 Clamps.

Advantages of Using DIN 3015 Clamps

DIN 3015 standard clamps are an efficient modular system assisting in the installation of pipes with both static and dynamic loads. They have been tested for decades and are the leading solution for fastening of pipes, hoses, cables, tubes, and all other components within the maximum diameter. This not only applies to hydraulics, but any project involving pipe placement.

There are many value-adds when using DIN 3015 standard clamps, one being their ability to absorb a great amount of shock, vibration, and noise that can be carried through the pipe or tubing. The intelligent design of the supporting ribs within the clamps give them extreme durability and sturdiness.

Simple Clamps, Extraordinary Results

For secure mounting solutions, it doesn’t get any more straightforward than our clamps. Whether it be the single pulled piece used for a weld plate, the effective mounting rail system, or the secure overhead installation, the advantages of clamps to DIN 3015 standards are endless!